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How to repel Dobsonflies from your property

Keep Dobsonflies at Bay with These Simple Tips

Dobsonflies are large insects that can be found near bodies of water, such as streams and ponds. While they may not be harmful to humans, their presence can be alarming and unpleasant. Here are some steps to repel Dobsonflies from your property:

Step 1: Remove standing water
Dobsonflies are attracted to standing water, as this is where they lay their eggs. To discourage them from congregating on your property, remove any sources of standing water. This includes bird baths, pet water dishes, and any other containers that may collect water.

Step 2: Keep your property clean
Dobsonflies are also attracted to decaying organic matter. This includes piles of leaves, grass clippings, and other yard waste. To keep Dobsonflies away, keep your property clean and free of debris. Regularly rake up leaves and dispose of them properly.

Step 3: Use insect repellent
If Dobsonflies are still present on your property, you can use insect repellent to keep them away. Look for a repellent that is specifically designed to repel Dobsonflies. Follow the instructions on the label carefully, and use the repellent as directed.

Step 4: Install screens
If Dobsonflies are entering your home, consider installing screens on your windows and doors. This will prevent them from gaining access to your home and will help to keep them outside where they belong.

Step 5: Seek professional help
If you have a severe Dobsonfly infestation, or if you are unsure how to proceed, seek the help of a professional pest control company. They can assess the situation and provide you with the best course of action to repel Dobsonflies from your property.

By following these steps, you can effectively repel Dobsonflies from your property and enjoy a pest-free environment. Remember to stay vigilant and take action at the first sign of a Dobsonfly infestation.

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